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Afghan government forces clashed with the Taliban in several provinces over the weekend, with theTalibancapturing several districts in Lashkargarh. Closer tothecity'sfirst major
news agency CMOsN. Report on Sunday 1 August 2564, claiming that the disclosure of local journalists. A fierce clash erupts between the Taliban's armed fighters.government forces onAfghan the city ofLashkar Ghani,capital of the province's health Rhind. south of the country Fighting continues in Districts 1 and 7, and District 9 has already been vested in the Taliban. This left only one area completely controlled by the government
. in Afghanistan quickly since May. After the international forces began to withdraw troops from the country. by the city of Lashkargah is an important strategic point There is a path that connects to all directions. Including the royal road connectingKandaharand Herat provinces with many important agricultural areas in the south which if Lashkargah fell into the hands of the Taliban This would become the first capital of 34 provinces to be lost by the government to the militant group.
However, the Afghan army did not easily give up Lashkargah. They sent special forces to reinforce on Saturday. And there were also airstrikes on the Taliban strongholds. by the unit 215, revealed via Twitter that 51 Taliban fighters were killed and more than 40 wounded in military operations on the outskirts
of the country. published a report that Fighting erupted between government forces and the Taliban in 13 provinces across the country. And 254 Taliban fighters were killed on Saturday. Herat province is one of the most intensely fighting areas. which the Ministry of Defense stated Hundreds of special forces have been sent in. To increase the attack operations and put pressure on the Taliban. And believe that the situation in the province will improve soon,
but on Saturday The release of a video clip shows that The Taliban were able to seize control of the main road connecting the provincial capital of Herat. with the provincial airport The same reporter told CNN that the Taliban had occupied most of the Coa Sara region. near the airport already and captured the territory of Karoakh. in the east as well
The battle in Kandahar provincial capital of the same name and is a former Taliban stronghold interrupted on sunday After the Taliban fired three rockets at the city's airport in the early morning hours. Damage to airport runways.
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