by on August 6, 2021
An entrepreneur who started his kitchenware chain from a Gloucestershire cottage is mulling a £100million-plus sale of the business after a lockdown sales surge. 
Daniel O'Neill, founder of ProCook, 레이어드홈 has hired consultants at KPMG to advise on options as he looks to expand 레이어드홈 the firm on to the Cont
t. The former software developer started a mail order business in 1996 on receiving a lorry-load of goods at his Cheltenham co
e.  Daniel O'Neill, founder of ProCook, has hired consultants at KPMG to advise on options Daniel O'Neill, 가성비주방용품 founder of ProCook, has hired consultants at KPMG to advise on
ions He opened his first store in 2000 but was forced to buy the firm back from administrators in the 2008 financial crisis. He expanded it to a 48-store chain, trading from outlet centres and
ine. Despite having to shutter its shops in lockdown, internet sales have surged as households have spent more time in th
tchen. RELATED ARTICLES Share this article Share HOW THIS IS MONEY CAN HELP Annual profits are set to top £10million this financial year on a turnover of more than £50million with a 40 per cent rise in sales in the last quarter
020. This has emboldened O'Neill to sell direct to consumers on the Continent, as well as via Amazon, and open stores there, 가성비주방용품 starting in France an
rmany. The 55-year-old said many options remain on the table including an outright sale of the business - which he owns with his wife and brother - or a partnership with an existing retailer or an injection of venture capital. He ruled out a stock market
ation. He said: 'I want a strategic partner to bring expansion beyond the UK t
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